va-exhibitVenues may choose to host Veterans Portrait Project (VPP) exhibits, which is a great way to share their community’s veterans’ stories as well as support the VPP’s future events. Hosts have two exhibit options. One, they may engage the VPP to curate and produce an exhibit of Veterans’ show-ready prints or two, they may license (non-exclusively) the rights to a select number of high-resolution portrait files which may be printed through a vender of their choice.

With option one, Stacy L. Pearsall works directly with one of the principal museum and exhibit print houses in the nation to ensure top quality, long lasting archival displays. These displays may be printed and mounted on foam core for temporary showcases or printed, mounted, matted and framed for long-term display. If the host would prefer a more modern approach, prints on aluminum are also available.

With option two, Pearsall will curate and compile a show and upload the high resolution print-ready digital files to an online storage site where the host may access, download and print with their desired vender. In this instance, an exhibit license fee per image is required along with a test print from the independent vendor, which must be sent to Pearsall for approval to ensure the quality is to VPP standards.

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Included in all VPP exhibits is usage of three high-resolution digital portraits selected from the exhibit to be used in online promotions of the exhibit as well as print promotions at no cost. If host requires more then three portraits, a license per additional image will be negotiated. Hosts are required to mention and tag the Veterans Portrait Project in any/all exhibit promotions and campaigns both online and in print. License and usage of these files are limited to the promotion of the exhibit. No image may be used outside of this purview, nor may it be resold to third parties or reused in unrelated campaigns.

All VPP exhibits require a standard exhibit statement, which will be provided by VPP upon signed contract agreement and must be displayed in a prominent location. The venue will be responsible for hanging and installing the exhibition, which includes the exhibit statement and image captions.

If the venue would like Pearsall to attend the exhibit opening, all travel, lodging and per diem will be reimbursed, as well as an appearance fee. If the venue host would like Stacy Pearsall to speak in conjunction with attending the opening, all travel, lodging and per diem will be reimbursed, as well as a speaking fee.

Once the event is completed, the prints will be donated to a worthy institution or retained by the venue for future events with written permission by Pearsall. No additional prints may be made from the digital exhibition files, nor any resale of the digital files or physical prints is permitted without contracted permissions from Pearsall.

If you’d like to host a Veterans Portrait Project exhibit, just email Jamie Burton of Bravo748 Speakers: or call 606-875-5808