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Stacy Pearsall is currently accepting speaking engagements. She’s covered a wide range of topics during her keynotes speeches, and tailors each presentation to the crowd of listeners’ needs. However, she uses her military experience, and life after the military, as a foundation for everything. She has a creative, entertaining multimedia piece she uses, which has video, stills, music, news clips and more to help bring the crowd into her experience, and also entertain them at the same time. Throughout the multimedia, she narrates and conveys special messages that always has an impact on each individual.

During an annual Police Ball, she spoke to men and women about personal strength and fortitude during times of crisis. She demonstrated how to dig down deep and find courage they didn’t know they had. She talked to them about building teamwork and partnership, so the workload is balanced evenly on all shoulders.

At the Deloitte Conference, she addressed corporate men and women about the qualities of solid leadership, and positive follower-ship. She gave them examples of how to better engage and work with people from all walks of life.

While speaking to a crowd of Veterans Administration personnel, She spoke to the special needs of combat veterans, and their mental and physical health. She advised them on veterans’ issues, care-giver insights and community outreach.

When she gives lectures about herself, she shares her journey from the time of my enlistment, applying for combat duty, documenting war, survival, loss, getting wounded, recovery, post-recovery turmoil, overcoming adversity, setting goals, achieving dreams and looking forward to better things in life. This too is accompanied by a Hollywood-worthy multimedia piece.

To book Stacy for a speaking engagement, please contact Jamie S. Burton of BRAVO 748 Military and Combat Speaker Consortium

PH: 606-875-5808  EMAIL:
Website: Bravo748 Military and Combat Speaker Consortium

Past Speaking Engagements Include:

  • Deloitte National Leadership Conference
  • USOC Paralympic Leadership Conference
  • Daughters of the American Revolution Continental Congress
  • Veterans Administration Women Health Conference
  • Disabled American Veterans National Convention
  • Veterans of Foreign War Convention
  • Syracuse University
  • PBS
  • University of North Carolina
  • Duke University
  • Central Washington University
  • US Air Force First Sergeant Leadership Conference
  • The Citadel Military College
  • Montclair Art Museum
  • Piccolo Spelato

Past Appearances Include:

  • The Oprah Winfrey Show
  • CNN Headline News
  • NBC Nightly News
  • PBS Newshour

Current Books Include:
Shooter: Combat from Behind the Camera
A Photojournalist’s Field Guide: In the Trenches with Stacy Pearsall