Want to know what’s up with Stacy these days? Don’t worry, we’ve got her schedule right here. Don’t forget to check back from time to time as her schedule changes.

01/21-01/28/2017: Keynote and Instructing at FotoFusion located in West Palm Beach, FL

02/27/2017: VPP event at Gardner-Webb University Campus located in Charlotte, NC

02/28/2017: VPP event, exhibit and Lecture at Gardner-Webb University Campus located in Boiling Springs, NC

03/04-03/11/2017: Instructing at Women in Policing Conference located in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

03/14/2017: VPP event at Vicenza VFW Post, Italy

03/23/2017: VPP event at Kaiserslautern VFW Post, Germany

04/07/2017: Face of Battle opening at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery located Washington D.C.

04/12-04/14/2017: Keynote at Women Firefighter Conference located in Grand Junction, CO

04/20-04/22/2017: Lecture at Photoshop World located in Orlando, FL

04/29/2017: VPP event at Clear Path for Veterans located in Chittenago, NY

05/27/2017: VPP event at Battle for Baqubah 10-Year reunion in Killeen, TX

06/02/2017: Keynote at Women Veterans Appreciation Ceremony located in Chittenago, NY

07/13-07/17/2017: Instructing The Citadel summer workshop in Washington D.C.

08/06-08/12/2017: Maine Media Workshops: Teaching Photo Philanthropy

08/31-09/03/2017: Keynote at Techniche in Guwahati, India

09/09-09/12/2017: Instruction at FOCUS located in Tampa, FL

09/16/2017: VPP event at Big E Fair located in Springfield, Mass

10/13-10/15/2017: VPP event at Combat Camera reunion located in Colorado Springs, CO

11/04/2017: VPP event at WaterFire event located in Providence, RI

12/7/17: Lecture at Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, GA

12/8 and 12/9/17: VPP event at Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, GA