Want to know what’s up with Stacy these days? Don’t worry, we’ve got her schedule right here. Don’t forget to check back from time to time as her schedule changes.

01/09/18: CES in Las Vegas, NV

01/10/18: CES in Las Vegas, NV

02/13/18: Exetor High School in New Jersey

02/16/18: Creative Forces Summit in Colorado Springs, CO

3/10/18: Shooting the West in Winnemucca, NV

04/28/18: University of South Florida at St. Pete in FL

05/09/18: Polycor Annual Meeting & Reception Atlanta, GA

06/16/18: 2018 “Honoring Women Veterans” Conference in Evansville, Indiana

09/07/18: Nashville, TN

11/01/18: Staten Island, NY

11/05/18: Tampa, FL

11/11/18: Safron Helicopters Veterans Appreciation Day in Dallas, TX