Stacy & Charlie

My name is Stacy Pearsall, founder of the Veterans Portrait Project. I began the VPP as I recovered from combat injuries sustained in Iraq. My military career was over, my body was broken and my spirit was crushed. I’d lost hope in my future, faith in myself and passion for life. While rehabilitating, I spent countless idle hours in VA waiting rooms surrounded by veterans from every generation and branch of service. They inspired me to pick up my camera again so that I could honor and thank them with the only gift I had worth giving, my photography.

Since taking my first portrait in late 2008, I’ve conducted more than 100+ portrait engagements, traveled to 90 cities in 32 states and captured over 7,500+ veterans’ portraits. The last 11 years have been a journey of self-discovery and reinvention. I’ve not worried about my limitations or my physical pain; I’ve simply focused on my goal of capturing veterans’ portraits in every state from which the Department of Defense recruits. THIS YEAR I WILL DO THAT!

Delta Air Lines is the proud supporter of the Veterans Portrait Project and the exclusive air carrier for the “Mission Complete Tour”
Thank you Fisher House for your generous support of the VPP “Mission Complete Tour”

You can support the Veterans Portrait Project by donating to the “MISSION COMPLETE TOUR” fundraising campaign HERE.

Where We’re Going…

If you see your state in ORANGE, we’re coming your way! Some locations still need venue hosts and we’re still actively raising money for hotels, rental cars, gas, food and other expenses, so your help would be very welcome. Here’s where you can make a DONATION. If you want to offer up your space as a venue for the VPP, please email

Where We’ve Been

If you’d like to see where the Veterans Portrait Project has been, simply have a look below. Each gallery link will take you to a gallery that features portraits taken on that day, in that city, in that state. If you see the same city multiple times, it’s not a mistake. We just did back-to-back shoot days in that location. Each event is listed in order of date, so take your time and have fun learning more about our American heroes!