Where We’ve Been

States visited in GRAY // States yet to visit in ORANGE

Where We’ve Been

If you’d like to see where the Veterans Portrait Project has been, simply have a look below. Each gallery link will take you to a gallery that features portraits taken on that day, in that city, in that state. If you see the same city multiple times, it’s not a mistake. We just did back-to-back shoot days in that location. Each event is listed in order of date, so take your time and have fun learning more about our American heroes!

If you see your state in ORANGE, we still need to get there. You can help us get there! Learn how to host a VPP event HERE. If you can’t be a host, you can always contribute by making a DONATION.

If you see your state in GRAY, you can find the gallery(s) of images from your state below.

2 thoughts on “Where We’ve Been

  1. Hello Stacy Pearsall,
    My Friend and Shipmate Lyle Hicks posted your information to our USS Durham Facebook page and suggested that if any of us were interested in being interviewed that we should let you know! But, as I look a your information I see you already been to Kansas, so I will only add this. My community of Emporia KS, is the founding city of Veterans Day, as approved by Congress. As you might imagine we have very strong Veterans organizations and if you should ever decide to visit a State or an area more once, please keep me and Emporia in mind! As I’m sure you have found, each Solider, Sailor, Marine, Coast Guard, or Air Force person has a story or memories! Please remember us if you should ever pass through!


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