If you’re looking for a Veterans Portrait Project event in your area, check out our scheduled stops below. We update this page as new events are added, so be sure to check back in from time to time.

01/29/18: Washington D.C. (completed)

3/10/18: Shooting the West in Winnemucca, NV

04/28/18: St. Petersburg, FL

05/09/18: Atlanta, GA (no openings)

06/07/18: Anchorage, AK

06/08/18: Anchorage, AK

06/10/18: Fairbanks, AK

06/11/18: Fairbanks, AK

08/13/18: Oklahoma (Un-hosted)

08/15/18: Arkansas (Un-hosted)

08/17/18: Louisiana (Un-hosted)

08/19/18: Mississippi (Un-hosted)

08/21/18: Alabama (Un-hosted)

09/07/18: Nashville, TN

09/15/18: Big E Fair in Springfield, MA (open to the public)

09/17/18: Maine (Un-hosted)

09/19/18: Connecticut (Un-hosted)

09/21/18: Deleware(Un-hosted)

11/01/18: Staten Island, NY

11/03/18: WaterFire in Providence, RI (open to the public)

11/05/18: Tampa, FL

11/11/18: Safron Helicopter in Dallas, TX (private)

12/07.18: Hawaii