Kontum Diary

Meet Paul Reed, who’s a veteran of the Vietnam War. For years, he lived with the guilt of taking life. The feelings became too much, and he receded from society, he lost everything and eventually he became homeless.

After some time, he moved home with his mother. She’d kept his war mementos he’d sent home all those years ago. One of those items was a diary he’d taken from a Vietnamese soldier he’d engaged, and presumably killed, on the battlefield.

His mother encouraged him to get it translated. That he did, and the Vietnamese soldier’s writings changed Reed’s heart and soul.

Reed set on a journey to return the soldier’s items to his widow. Upon arriving in Vietnam, Reed discovered the soldier wasn’t dead! Together, they visited the battlefield where they’d last met and began healing together.


Once enemies, they’re true friends today. You can learn more about Reed’s story in the book Kontum Diary, or check out the documentary by PBS.
Kontum Diary: Captured Writings Bring Peace to a Vietnam Veteran

One thought on “Kontum Diary

  1. A great book. Brings back many memories of that time in my life. I was with a/co./1st/bat./173d airborne brigade. Was in the same platoon with Paul Reed. Remember well that day. Lost contact with Paul after Vietnam tour was over. Through this book and seeing him in the discovery documentary we reconnected in 2007. Have seen each other a couple times since. We were both affected by the war but have dealt with it the best we could. Paul Reed was an extremely good soldier and will always be a close friend.
    Billy Hunter——-Midland, Texas


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