Featured Veteran: Lisa M. Zunzanyika

The first time I ever met Air Force veteran, Lisa Zunzanyika, there was a word which came to mind: Vivacious! She and Stacy have known each other for many years, as they are both graduates of Syracuse University in New York. Zunzanyika earned the distinction of being the first African-American female Military Photojournalist in Air Force history.

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Zunzanyika retired from the Air Force after twenty-one years of service as a combat journalist. She traveled to numerous countries documenting military peacetime, wartime, and humanitarian operations. This included Sarajevo, Kosovo, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Today, she is the owner and operator of Simply Zee Imagery, and as a follower of hers on social media, she looks like she is living every day to the fullest. You can’t help but feel positive after being around Ms. Zunzanyika. Thank you for your service!


© Veteran portrait by Stacy L. Pearsall, story by Des’ola Mecozzi

One thought on “Featured Veteran: Lisa M. Zunzanyika

  1. I am humbly speechless!! I can remember the first day we met in Combat Camera. I instantly liked Stacy and knew that I wanted to be her friend. I have watched her grow as a photojournalist and as a person’s with such admiration and pride. I very much look up to Stacy personally and professionally. Her’s is one of my most treasured friendships. I am grateful for Stacy introducing me to Des’ola!!! Just as with Stacy, I immediately liked Des’ola. What an incredible person and photographer. She is filled with a light an energy that is beguiling and captivating. Stacy and Des’ola motivate and inspire me more than they could ever know. Thank you, dear friends!!


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