Featured Veteran: Karen Jennings

In Tyson’s Corner this year, our last (but certainly not least) veteran photographed was Karen Jennings, who entered the USAA location with style in a light gray and cream dress suit. Even if you did not know her, she exuded a classy and powerful presence.

Tyson's Corner, VA
USAA Financial Center

Jennings is an army veteran who served as a logistician, and was both active duty and in the reserves. When asked what was her favorite or most memorable experience serving as a colonel in the U.S. Army, she wrote, “As the Deputy Commander of the 316th ESC, I went into Iraq with the advanced party and was the last soldier to depart. Leading by example is my claim to fame.”

Today, she works for the Department of State as the Senior Military Advisor for DOD to DOS transition specifically for Afghanistan service members.

Next week, we’ll feature a veteran whom took special care and time to get ready to be photographed for the Veterans Portrait Project in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

© Veteran portrait by Stacy L. Pearsall, story by Des’ola Mecozzi

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